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The Yield Automation Protocol

DeFi yields aren’t easy to manage.
Idle makes you feel like they are

Yield optimization and risk tranching

Get the yield best suited for your needs

Achieve capital efficiency with Idle’s products: as a leading DeFi yield aggregator, Idle offers first-rate yield optimization and risk tranching strategies. Get the best yield by using, integrating or building on top of Idle’s products. Money should never sit still.

Best Yield

Best Yield vaults are designed to maximize yields. Like robo-advisors, deposits are routed through different strategies which seek out the highest yield available in DeFi.

Automated and algorithmic rebalance
Zero gas cost for optimization
Aggregated Senior/Junior risk exposure

Yield Tranches

Diversify your DeFi exposure with Yield Tranches - split your yield source into Senior for stable returns with built-in coverage, and Junior for higher returns while minimizing the risk of loss to the Senior class.

DeFi risk diversification
Fully on-chain default settlement
Adaptive yield split to scale liquidity

Grow, save and automate


Total Value Locked (TVL)


Interest generated for LPs


Rebalance performed

The power of DeFi in a single protocol

A one-stop solution for your funds. Stay ahead of the curve with a range of robust DeFi yield products. Scalable, secure and easy to use

Smart optimizations

Maximize yields across several DeFi protocols, diversify your risk and shield liquidity providers from losses

Seamless yield monitoring

Use our built-in dashboard to easily track and manage your assets. Real-time and historic performance data just one click away

Easy integration

No need to stitch together disparate protocols or spend months integrating and updating yield functionality

Battle-tested reliability

Time is the true judge. Considerable effort was invested to create resilient products, with countless reviews and audits

Fast-improving protocol

Idle DAO and Leagues release hundreds of features and improvements each year to help you stay ahead of industry shifts

Transparent by design

The smart contracts are trustless, decentralized and non-custodial. The code is publicly available and data is verifiable on-chain

Your assets, secured

One of the longest-running and battle-tested DeFi protocol, going strong since 2019

Security audits

Performed by world-leading security companies

Security reports:
  • December 2019 - April 2021

    Protocol audit

    by Quantstamp
  • November 2020

    Governance audit

    by Quantstamp
  • December 2021

    Tranches audit

    by Certik and Consensys Diligence

Minimum standard requirements needed to implement a new yield source or an asset in Idle protocol include meeting the safety criteria in terms of due diligence, audits & performance of the protocol

Security guidelines
Idle also follows strict integration guidelines

Fortified by $100K bug bounty program

Highest security standards mean audits alone are not enough. Find a smart contract bug or a security vulnerability and get rewarded

An ecosystem full of yield

Growing list of partners, integrators and protocols collaborating with Idle DAO

Made for the next generation of financial players

DeFi developers

Avoid the need to integrate multiple yield sources, and achieve the best risk adjusted yield with just one integration. Check the documentation for more info or get help at #dev-support Discord channel

Institutionals and DAO treasury managers

Perfect treasury diversification and yield automation solution for any risk profile. Idle’s strategies are scalable as the size of the deposit doesn’t affect the sustainability of the yields. The performance can be tracked in real-time. Visit the dashboard or fill out this form

DeFi users

You want the best yield for your savings? Reliable security? Not to think about your yields on a day-to-day basis? All of that is available in one place. Visit the dashboard, connect your wallet and deposit your funds today!

Governance and community

Idle is a fully decentralized, community-governed protocol


Token holders


Votes delegated


Delegated addresses



Backed by industry pioneers