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One of the longest-running and battle-tested DeFi protocol, going strong since 2019

Security audits

Performed by world-leading security companies

Security reports:
  • December 2019 - April 2021

    Protocol audit

    by Quantstamp
  • November 2020

    Governance audit

    by Quantstamp
  • December 2021

    Tranches audit

    by Certik and Consensys Diligence

Minimum standard requirements needed to implement a new yield source or an asset in Idle protocol include meeting the safety criteria in terms of due diligence, audits & performance of the protocol

Security guidelines
Idle also follows strict integration guidelines

Fortified by $100K bug bounty program

Highest security standards mean audits alone are not enough. Find a smart contract bug or a security vulnerability and get rewarded

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Avoid the need to integrate multiple yield sources, and achieve the best risk adjusted yield with just one integration, powered by ERC-4626.

Institutions and

From DAOs to institutions, Idle DAO provides yield optimization and risk diversification solutions for any treasury manager.

Governance and community

Idle is a fully decentralized, community-governed protocol


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